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      When you moved in, your home’s decor may have been the height of fashion. But fashions change. You may still love your home just the way it is, but that doesn’t mean today’s buyers will. If you want to ensure a quick sale for top dollar, here are some things you might want to consider updating. 

      1. White appliances. Nothing says “older kitchen” like white appliances. Today’s buyers are looking for stainless steel or black. 
      1. Busy, mosaic tile backsplashes. Not only are they dated and hard to clean, they make kitchens and bathrooms look smaller. Choose larger, simpler tiles, in a single color. 
      1. Busy wallpaper and loud colors. Again, these choices make rooms look smaller. Boring as it sounds, neutral tones are more marketable. 
      1. Gold doorknobs. Replace with brushed aluminum or chrome, and consider lever handles which look more contemporary and are more accessible. 
      1. Tiled countertops. Most buyers find them harder to clean and easy to chip. If you can’t afford stone, go with a subtle laminate in a dark shade. 
      1. Textured ceilings. Buyers don’t want to remove the texture themselves, so do it for them. But check for asbestos. 
      1. Bathroom carpet. Nobody wants kitchens and bathrooms with unsanitary, hard-to-clean carpet. Tile or hardwood are much more popular. 
      1. Fake wood paneling. Either replace it with plain walls in a neutral color, or paint it. 

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